Valmont Skin Care Elixir des Glaciers

L’Elixir des Glaciers

L’Elixir des Glaciers is a luxurious and unique harmony of rare and noble ingredients derived from the natural and pure resources of Switzerland. The unprecedented richness of the formula and the particular attention given to the preparation make Elixir des Glaciers the most precious skin care ritual with long lasting anti-aging results.

Manufactured in limited quantities, each numbered jar contains a product of ultimate freshness, ensuring optimum purity and efficacy.


Sérum Précieux

Global anti-aging tensing serum

Votre Visage

Global anti-aging face cream

Vos Yeux

Anti dark circles, anti puffiness eye contour cream

Teint Précieux

Anti-aging cellular foundation

Votre Corps

Global anti-aging body cream

Démaquillant Précieux Vos Yeux

Swiss poly-active bi-phase eye makeup remover

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Swiss poly-active cleansing micellar water